Thursday, August 27, 2009

Schools Starting!

Well we have school starting here at the Parry's next week! And we are all excited. We will be super busy and to let anyone who didn't know we are moving back to Salt Lake by the end of September, yay!

Corky has already started we are excited she got into Open High School of Utah it is an online charter school that is fully accredited and she will earn credits toward graduation. They have also provided her with a laptop. And she will also be taking some BYU IS Courses, that is one thing she is very excited about. Also that and she doesn't have to get dressed for school!

The other children will be starting on Tuesday. And everything is in place for them. Bogan is ready to read and PT is going too. Squid will be learning and doing most of her studies by herself she is excited for that.

And Me, I am so glad that this is the year I have been the most organized for this and know it will be a great year.

Our blog will still be going, so we will still be sharing with you all, Thanks-E

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Bman's Cooking

The Menu;
BBQ Roasted Chicken Breast
Yellow Squash
Baked Potatoes
Cherry Coke Chocolate Cake

The week while the girls were at Rough Camp, Bman and O decided to do some scout stuff. Building a fire, cooking on that fire, motorboating, swimming and such.

One of the items fire starting and cooking over it produced a pretty good fire and meal in our fire pit in the back yard, one night we did utensiless cooking-I like this way because there is no clean up. And another Bman did dutch ovens over the fire and it was so yummy! We ate on paper plates so the clean up was simple there as well! Hope you don't get to hungry from the pics.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Is it Fun or Corruption?

Well I vote for both, but the children always know they have to have adult supervision when playing. Earlier this summer O built a potato cannon. But it was having a hard time firing after many different types of fuel we learned that static guard is the best and fires great. The kids love it and shooting at targets, they play at who can get the most points. Finally we put a laser pen on it so that it is better to aim. We have shot it at the deer that come into our garden but they still don't move, I guess that they are to used to humans and noise to be really cautious.

Weekends not over, the 25th of July!


On Saturday we took them on the Auto tour at Dinosaur National Monument, which was very informational and fun they got to feed antlions, they are very sneeky and ruthless and I had never heard of them before. O remembers feeding them when he had visited as a child so the fun has been passed on.

left;Green River

right; Feeding the ant"lions"

We also got to see an old cabin that lies in the bottom of the canyon in dinosaur a Miss Josie Bassett Morris lived there(thats the end of the tour).

After then we stopped at the Visitor center in

Jensen and while the children and I picked the wild strawberries in the flower beds O got a crazy idea to go to Fantasy Canyon, which was cool but very far out there. After getting there they all followed each other in a line and explored reading the posted signs, that was great.

Needless to say we got home late and had to finish packing the girls for camp Monday morning. But it was a great fun-filled information packed family weekend.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

July 24th, Happy Pioneer Day!

Well the 24th was great day for us here. We took all the kids to a huge Scout pancake breakfast, big here in Vernal. And it was $2 per child good price and great fun because they had a bouncer slide(I think thats what it is called?) a buffalo bladder toss(balloon toss) sack races and coloring and then a park to boot to play on. The smaller kids loved the bouncer, all loved the balloons and almost everyone fell over in the sacks.

At the same park was The Moving Wall, a traveling veterans memorial, We walked through and observed, that part of the park was surprisingly quiet. A lot of names facts and pictures. If you have a chance I recommend seeing it.

After that was the parade, we didn't stay at the parade instead we went to Dinosaur National Monument. All the children became Jr. Paleantologists, they had to do book work and take the oath, the smaller ones loved it. Unfortunately the larger Quarry Visitor Center was closed, we did drive by it to do the hike and see the bones that have been left on a trail to see how they are found. The Quarry will be opened I believe they said in 2011.

Then of course we ate our picnic lunch we packed on the way home. Then we took 4 children over to the IFA and they where having a grand opening, new store, and the boys did the mutton busting they thought that was neat and received stick horses as prizes. L gets very nervous around animals so this surprised me a lot.

After that fun we took them all fishing, and PT pulled 4 or 5 fish out with the same 1/3 of a worm that we put on his hook. The fish didn't swallow the whole hook so O was able to get the worm back and about a minute after PT cast out he would pull in another one. L, KT, and S all where having fun the teenagers just hung out in the car. We did some great fishing that night.

I have posted the website links of places we went so if you are curious you can just link over.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

My Birthday

Well the girls and B went to SLC on the weekend of my birthday, with M and spent 2 days with grandma, so that was fun for them and no arguing or conflict for me to decide over, so that was good.

I had a great day my birthday was on a Sat. and so O the boys and I all got dressed and went to the farmers market in the morning, lots of vegies yum. Then we came home got lunch and got ready for a day of fishing at Red Fleet in the boat! It was fun I got sunburnt and a fish was caught. We then went home and got Chinese Take out and watched a movie. It was a great memory making day!

PT's Birthday

Hey there we have been busy and I have not posted since the 23rd of July, so I am going to do a lot of catching up this week so stay posted!

Well For PT's Birthday I asked him what he wanted to do and gave him a laundry list of choices and the one he chose was the park. So I called M and had her meet us there with her cute daughters and all.

We made sandwiches, bought chips and instead of ice cream or cake, we had sno-cones, we packed up our snocone machine and brought that and luckily there was power at the pavillion. That way when ice melts it's not that big of a deal, or near as messy as ice cream.

We opened presents there and he got a football and a softball set so the park was a great setting for the gifts as well! When O got home that night, he gave him his gift, a box of 22 bullets and later that week took him and B shooting, PT has wanted to do this since last October when the girls and I went through hunters education and had to practice.

When I asked him if he had a good birthday he said it was the best and very fun.

Here is where I am going to Share those moments that just come whether it be night or day and we take the time to seize every opportunity-

Just a quick chuckle; I was putting my sons down for the night and little Bogan asked for another drink of water, and I said no you have already had a large glass and used the bathroom-he said oh yeah-so I chuckled and said haha your plans to stay awake have been foiled, and he said yeah Mom you folded my plans.

The other night my boys were playing with their legos and when I walked by, PT had made a pyramid and asked me where the little guy was that he had, I said I don't know? And then he showed me he had hidden it under the pyramid-I thought and then grabbed that moment- I went and got out the history book and opened up to the ancient Egypt era when pyramids were built and why it was similar to what he did. He was amazed at the significance. We read and read and learned about them for 2 days.