Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Independence Day!

Happy Fourth of July all, and we hope you had a great one! We had a fun day here as well, lots of family, fun and fireworks to top it off. My DH went into SLC on Thursday night with the girls to take back his Dad's Blazer (our Truck is not finished and waiting on parts). And then they came back with my parents, a niece and nephew, and my youngest sister on Friday night.

After a quick breakfast we all headed out to the parade route to see M's little one in our towns parade for the 4th. So we sat there and watched the parade. We sat across from the city offices and there is a Memorial in front, so at the beginning when the Vet's arrived a flag was raised by national guard, they took a moment and got out and saluted the memorial. And then the fun began with all the floats, a lot of water squirted and candy. We caught a glimpse of our little Ladybug she was facing the other side, but after being picked up by her Daddy she was cute as ever. The kids had great fun.

After the parade O and I went to the farmers market and got a few things, I really love farmers markets! It's nothing compared to downtown SLC. But I think the small size a bit more manageable. We got there right before and as it was ending so we will see how this weekend goes.

When we got home we packed up all the kids in swimsuits and went to red fleet reservoir, the section we ended up in was great for the older children but not younger. They went cliff jumping we weren't there long but had some great laughs!

H holding her flag

At the BBQ, SZ brought her karaoke, too bad she didn't have a whole lot of music the kids knew, but it was just a lot of silliness!

M bought a new BBQ and that afternoon we broke it in, we did BBQ on Sun. too which was great because there were a lot of leftover salads-not any prep at all. Sunday we also had a birthday, my niece who was here, she turned double digits it was fun.

Then after the BBQ of course what else ends a 4th but fireworks-we went and saw the display by the town and it was enough fun for the kids. All worn out most were asleep by the 10 minute drive home. All in all it was a good 4th!


Here is where I am going to Share those moments that just come whether it be night or day and we take the time to seize every opportunity-

Just a quick chuckle; I was putting my sons down for the night and little Bogan asked for another drink of water, and I said no you have already had a large glass and used the bathroom-he said oh yeah-so I chuckled and said haha your plans to stay awake have been foiled, and he said yeah Mom you folded my plans.

The other night my boys were playing with their legos and when I walked by, PT had made a pyramid and asked me where the little guy was that he had, I said I don't know? And then he showed me he had hidden it under the pyramid-I thought and then grabbed that moment- I went and got out the history book and opened up to the ancient Egypt era when pyramids were built and why it was similar to what he did. He was amazed at the significance. We read and read and learned about them for 2 days.